1. German civilians murdered by Soviet forces, Nemmersdorf, East Prussia, October 20, 1944

2. Grief-stricken German woman, a homeless expellee from the East

3. Refugees escaping from East Prussia, winter 1945

4. German members of the Civilian Labor Corps constructing anti-tank trenches in East Prussia, August 1944

5. Flight over the ice of the Frisches Haff in East Prussia, winter, 1945

6. A German refugee trek through the City of Danzig (Gdansk) fleeing the Red Army, February 1945

7. A refugee trek with Fleeing German soldiers in East Prussia in the vicinity of Braunsberg, February 1945

8. The medieval palace of the Grand Master of the Order of the Teutonic Knights, Marienburg, (Malbork) West Prussia

9. The town hall of Breslau (Wroclaw), Silesia
 PAGE 90 

10. Prague Cathedral

11. The Schwarzenberg Palace – Böhmisch Krummau (Cesky Krumlov)

12. Rounding up German civilians, Prague, May 1945
PAGE 115

13. German civilians removing barricades, Prague, May 1945
PAGE 116

14. German woman beaten while removing barricades, Prague, May 1945
PAGE 124

15. Lidice, after its destruction by the SS, June 1942
PAGE 144

16. 1946 Transport of Expelled Sudeten Germans from the Buchau Camp
PAGE 161

17. Sudeten Germans arriving in Germany, 1945
PAGE 169

18. The medieval town of Güns (Köszeg), Western Transdanubia, Hungary
PAGE 175

19. View of Ödenburg (Sopron), Western Transdanubia, Hungary
PAGE 175

20. German refugee treks in Hungary, July 1944
PAGE 185

21. Emergency shelter for German-Hungarian refugees, Darmstadt, Hessen, 1946
PAGE 204

22. Typical baroque village church in the German settlements in Vojvodina, Serbia
PAGE 210

23. Austrian Army fortress of Petrovaradin, Neusatz (Novi Sad) on the Danube, Serbia
PAGE 210

24. Chetniks with German soldiers in a Serbian village
PAGE 214

25. Execution of Yugoslav civilians by the German Army, 1941
PAGE 217

26. SS poster listing Yugoslav civilians executed, January 1944
PAGE 217

27. German soldiers escort Yugoslav civilians from Kragujevac to be executed,
October 1941

PAGE 219

28. The Lutheran Cathedral in Hermannstadt (Sibiu), Romania
PAGE 242

29. St. George’s Cathedral in Temeschburg (Timisoara), Romania
PAGE 244

30. German peasants and Romanian soldiers fleeing the Soviet Army, Summer 1944
PAGE 259

31. A poster in Northern Transylvania exhorting Germans to stand firm against the Soviet Army
PAGE 261

32. Refugee children in a West German camp, 1945
PAGE 285

33. German Chancellor Brandt kneeling at the monument to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising,
December 1970

PAGE 290

34. Czech President Vaclav Havel welcoming German President Weizsäcker to Prague,
March 1990

PAGE 294

35. Monument to expelled Swabian Germans in Elek (Renndorf), Hungary
PAGE 298

36. Yugoslav President Tito visiting German Chancellor Brandt in Germany,
October 11, 1970

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